Problems with your eyes can come from many sources. Some issues are due to heredity, while our environment, diet, and daily lives can create other vision problems. At Benefield Ophthalmology, our training helps us understand your needs. By staying on top of the latest techniques, we can better assist you with your vision problems in Gulfport, MS.


What is nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, afflicts over three million Americans. It is also one of the easier eye problems to diagnose and correct. It is a condition caused by an elongated eye. When light fails to hit your cornea directly instead of somewhere in front of it, your vision becomes blurry.

What are the symptoms of nearsightedness?

Although detecting nearsightedness requires a doctor's examination, you may notice things about your vision that suggest you suffer from this condition. If you find it difficult to see distant objects, you likely have myopia.

How can nearsightedness affect your life?

Nearsightedness can handicap your vision, which can affect your work. Myopia can cause untold frustration because you cannot see correctly. Nearsightedness can also affect your ability to drive and carry out specific day-to-day tasks and interests.

Is nearsightedness genetic?

As with many maladies, myopia tends to be hereditary. The affliction generally begins in childhood and into adolescence. However, nearsightedness can also be due to environmental issues. For example, too much time inside or too much screen time can affect your vision.

How is nearsightedness treated?

A visit to an ophthalmologist can quickly detect vision issues with a simple eye exam. Then, myopia may be corrected with glasses or surgery. How your myopia is treated will depend on your situation and the recommendation of your Ophthalmologist.

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