Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

When contacts first became available, they were groundbreaking. Until then, an eye doctor's corrective options were either eyeglasses or surgery. If you have dry eyes and wear contact lenses, choose lenses designed to provide comfort and hydration. Our clinic Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS, can help. 

Dry eye contact lens

Dry Eye and Contact Lenses

Dry eye condition occurs when the eye’s tear gland cannot properly produce sufficient tears or the right mixture to lubricate the eye properly. The eye's moisture is a mixture of water, oil, and mucous, providing a multi-benefit effect. The tear’s moisture protects the eye and removes contaminants lubricating the eyes and eyelids.

General contact lenses can dry out the eyes, blocking the eye even more from the needed lubrication. Common eye care issues can include blockage of moisture, blockage of air, allowing water to evaporate too fast, and less friction.

How to Solve Dry Eye

The first step for anyone irritated when wearing contacts is to return for an eye exam. Our optometrist can confirm the status of the eyes and suggest contacts for dry eye concerns and eye shape issues. Our contact cleaning solutions can also solve the irritation problem.

Daily Disposable Lenses

Dry eye can be caused frequently by permanent contacts, which can build up protein residue if not cleaned correctly. Daily contacts are disposable, worn once, and removed. That means a new, clean set is used every day.

Low Water Content Contacts

Low water content contacts are a type of soft contact lenses that have a lower water content compared to traditional hydrogel lenses. These lenses are made from a hydrophobic (water-repelling) material, which means they do not absorb as much water from the environment or the eyes. Where general contacts trigger a need for more moisture in the eye, common water contacts keep the eye hydrated longer, reducing irritation.

Soft or Hydrogel Contacts

Soft contacts and hydrogel contacts are both types of soft contact lenses, which are the most commonly prescribed and worn contact lenses due to their comfort and ease of use. Where permanent lenses are hard, hydrogel contacts provide a soft corrective lens instead, providing more latitude for the eye to relax and access air better.

Scleral Contacts

Scleral contacts are a type of specialty contact lens that is larger in diameter than traditional soft contact lenses. They are designed to vault over the entire cornea and rest on the white part of the eye called the sclera. Scleral contacts are gas-permeable lenses, allowing oxygen to reach the cornea, providing comfort for extended wear.

Dry Eye and Contacts Help

It's important to note that the best contact lens solution for dry eyes can vary depending on individual eye health and sensitivity. We can evaluate your dry eye condition and recommend the most suitable contact lens solution and lens type for your needs. Additionally, we can guide proper contact lens care and hygiene to ensure the health and comfort of your eyes. If you’re struggling with dry eyes and contacts, call Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS. We can help. Call us at (228) 328-0972 to schedule an appointment! 

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