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Glaucoma is a common potentially blinding eye disease that damages the optic nerve and is treated by lowering eye pressure.  At Benefield Eye Care we SPECIALIZE in diagnosing and treating Glaucoma with the most up to date testing and procedures.

The Treatment usually begins with eye drops or laser.  Benefield Eye Care has four different Glaucoma lasers and can customize the correct treatment for you.  In advance stage II or III Glaucoma there are several intraocular options we can offer such as the Xen gel stent, ECP laser, I-Stent (MIGS), and trabeculectomy and even tube shunts.  Dr. Benefield pioneered refractive glaucoma surgery that corrects astigmatism at the same time!  Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial. Make sure all family members of someone with glaucoma gets checked since it is often inherited. 

Dr. Benefield has over 31 years of experience with glaucoma care.  You will be in good hands! 

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