Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision and How to Treat It

Blurry vision can affect only one eye or all of your sight, and it can be the result of a temporary condition or a sign of something more serious. Symptoms can come on suddenly or gradually, and most cases are treatable after our optometrist, nurse practitioner, or ophthalmologist pinpoints the cause. Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS, is here to talk about blurry vision and how to treat it.

blurry vision

Common Causes of Blurry Vision

There are several possible reasons for blurry vision. Many reasons are fairly common and easy to solve, but some may involve serious conditions or diseases. A few of the most typical causes of blurred vision include:

●             eye strain

●             eye infections

●             refractive errors

●             dry eye syndrome

●             certain prescription medications

●             migraines

●             eye floaters

●             high blood pressure

●             pregnancy

Chronic Conditions and Diseases That Can Blur Vision

Conditions that are often manageable with medication and lifestyle changes may also cause blurry vision. You should have your physician diagnose conditions like gestational diabetes and hypoglycemia, and then we can adjust your eye prescription appropriately.

Some conditions may pose challenges concerning blurred vision, such as age-related macular degeneration and optic neuritis. Our optometrist, nurse practitioner, or ophthalmologist, may be able to assist with eye blurring if you had a stroke or were diagnosed with a brain or eye tumor.

Getting a Diagnosis for Blurry Vision

It is essential to diagnose blurry vision as quickly as possible. It is particularly important if the issue comes on suddenly or is accompanied by other symptoms. We will ask you to describe your vision symptoms, when they started, and if anything seems to make it worse. We will typically perform the following exams:

●             reading an eye chart

●             ophthalmoscopy eye exam to see the retina and optic nerve

●             blood test to check for infections

●             slit lamp exam view the entire eye inside and out

●             tonometry to measure the pressure in the eye

Treatment Options for Blurry Vision

We will recommend a treatment plan based on the diagnosis and progression of the condition.  Different treatment plans range from glasses, contacts, LASIK, and Refractive Lens Exchange to eyedrops, painless eye injections, minor procedures/surgeries, or lasers.

Trust Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS, for Blurry Vision Help

Blurry vision can get in the way of many things in life, so contact Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS, to get your vision back to where it needs to be so you can enjoy life again. Call us at (228) 328-0975 and schedule an appointment today.

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