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When you see the ophthalmologist for your eye care, you may end up with a choice between contact lenses and glasses. There are many great reasons for choosing contact lenses. It's easy to wear them, and they come with a lot of benefits. Many people choose these over glasses for convenience and the way they look in them. While many people love how they look in glasses, some prefer not to wear them. Whether you choose contact lenses depends a lot on your lifestyle and what you prefer. When you need a new prescription, Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS can provide the vision care you need.  

contact lenses

Sporty Lifestyles

Contact lenses are often a great choice for people working out or playing sports. When you wear glasses during these times, they can be knocked off or fog up. When this happens, you have to take some out of what you're doing to fix them. When you wear contacts, they won't fog up or fall out. If you're highly busy and active, they can also be good for you. They don't take any maintenance to keep them clean and fitting perfectly. 

The Learning Curve

If you've never worn contacts before, learning to wear them can take a little time. There are ways to put them in and out quickly. You just have to learn the techniques and practice them. Once you have muscle memory built up, taking care of them takes just a second. You also have to get in the habit of taking them out every night. And if you like to nap, remember to take them out first. If you like to fall asleep watching TV, you might keep a pair of glasses handy to wear to bed after you've taken your contacts out. 


Many patients see their contacts as being very convenient. This is because they don't even have to think about them during the day. They don't need to be adjusted or cleaned while you're wearing them. You won't need to bring your supplies when you go out or go to work, and you won't have frames in your vision all day. For a lot of people, they're the best type of vision correction because they're fast and easy to deal with. 

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