Glaucoma Surgery

When you see an eye doctor for your eye exam, and you are diagnosed with glaucoma, you may need an ophthalmologist to perform glaucoma surgery to stop the progression of the disease, so you don’t lose more of your vision.

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Glaucoma Surgery

What Is Glaucoma?

When a patient has developed glaucoma, they have some damage that has been done to their optic nerves. These nerves are located at the back of the eyeball, and they can be damaged when the pressure inside the eye is too high. This high pressure damages the nerve and causes vision loss. Without proper treatment, patients can go blind from this eye disease. 

Glaucoma Surgery

Many patients get other types of treatments for their glaucoma before they are referred for glaucoma surgery. They may have had medication, laser treatments, and other treatment types, but now it is time to try surgery. Glaucoma surgery can be a good option to try to stop vision loss. There is no way to get the lost vision back, but the vision loss can be stopped.

There are several types of glaucoma surgery that can be performed to lower the pressure inside the eyes. 


One of these surgery types is called trabeculectomy. This surgery typically takes less than one hour.

When patients have a glaucoma type called open-angle glaucoma, this surgery is generally the right procedure for them. An incision is made under the eyelid to prevent any visible scars. The opening will help the fluid inside the eye drain better, and this means less eye pressure inside the eye.

For this surgery, patients stay awake, but they are given a numbing medication to prevent pain. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis, and you will need to have someone drive you home. 

Implant Surgery

Another glaucoma procedure is implant surgery. This type takes at least an hour and up to two. A tiny tube called a shunt is implanted into the eye and this allows the drainage of eye fluid. This gives the eye lower pressure and prevents additional damage to the optic nerve.

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