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Benefield Eye Care offers excellent medical services from highly qualified professionals licensed in optometry and ophthalmology to residents in Gulfport and surrounding areas. Dry Eye Syndrome seems like a minor condition because you don't need a cane or a dog to help you get around if you have it, but it is a chronic condition that can be troublesome if it goes untreated.  


The Importance of Tears

Tears do more than just lubricate the eyes and ruin make-up. Yes, they lubricate the eyes, but they also clear away irritants, provide antibodies against pathogenic microbes, and reduce stress hormones. People produce tears for various reasons, but there are actually three types of tears, continuous, emotional, and reflex. 

Continuous tears consistently lubricate your eyes. Lysozyme in these tears helps to protect your eyes from infection. Emotional tears excrete stress hormones, decreasing breathing and heart rate. Reflex tears rinse the eyes when they come in contact with exhaust, smoke, or vapor. A little of all of these are expelled when you yawn. 

Do I Have Dry Eye?

About half of the people who have dry eye don't show any of the symptoms and wouldn't consider themselves sufferers. Dry eye isn't the only condition that can be present without symptoms, which is why it is important to keep regular appointments with your optometrist or ophthalmologist. 

You could develop dry eye from taking medications, being over 60 years of age, having an immune or auto-immune disorder, having allergies, or are vulnerable to dry, windy, or dusty environments. Perhaps you have symptoms and do not realize that you have Dry Eye Syndrome. 

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

These symptoms by themselves seem like just instances of normal eye use, but if they are constantly occurring you should make an appointment soon. You will experience red eyes that itch and burn, blurry vision, the scratchy or gritty feeling when you blink, sensitivity to light, sticky or hard to center contact lenses, and/or difficulty focusing at night. 

How Is Dry Eye Treated?

Treatment for this condition depends on the cause of your dry eye and the consistency and amount of your tear production. Dr. Benefield will conduct a complete eye examination to determine your overall eye health and develop a treatment specifically designed to meet your particular needs. Ointments, eye drops, and creams used during the day will help your eyes to stay hydrated and keep the symptoms to a minimum. Of course, the ones used before bedtime will help your eyes while you sleep, especially if your eyelids do not close completely. Medications can also increase tear production and your tear ducts may be temporarily or permanently plugged.

Give your dry eyes relief at Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS. 

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