How Often Do I Need an Eye Exam?

Most people only stop to think about their eye health when something goes wrong. If they can't see, get an infection, or have some other issue, they will take the time to get an eye exam. Just like regular check-ups at your primary care office, however, it is important to get regular eye exams. How often should you get an eye exam, though?

If you or your children are not experiencing any issues with your eye health, you can schedule eye exams every two years. If you have any of the following issues, however, be sure to schedule an eye exam on a yearly basis.

You Wear Eyeglasses or Contacts

Once you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, you will need to schedule an annual exam to make sure that there are no changes to your vision. Children in particular need to see an eye doctor at least once a year due to the fact that their eyes can change very rapidly. In some cases, the eye doctor might recommend twice a year visits if it seems as if vision is changing very quickly.

Your Eye Becomes Infected

Eye infections are very serious, and can cause permanent loss of vision if the eye is not treated right away. If your eye becomes infected, schedule an appointment right away. After the infection clears, however, schedule a check-up so your eye doctor can verify that your eyes are in good health and that no permanent damage was done.

Eye Pain

If you're experiencing pain in one of both of your eyes, contact an eye doctor immediately to determine the cause and ways to treat it.

If you live in Gulfport and are in need of an eye exam from an optometrist or ophthalmologist, call our office as soon as possible. We would love to help you schedule an appointment.

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