The Importance of Treating Dry Eyes

Importance of Addressing Dry Eye Syndrome

No one likes experiencing dry or irritated eyes. The sensation alone is an unpleasant experience that can quickly become annoying. Did you know that, if left untreated, dry eyes can lead to other more serious eye health issues? The good news is that we here at Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS, can help you properly treat dry eyes and maintain the overall health of your eyes.

Dry Eyes Cause Uncomfortable Symptoms

Dry eyes can cause a slew of uncomfortable symptoms, including itching, stinging, redness, burning, and even a gritty feeling. These discomforts can quickly make even the simplest activity unpleasant. If not treated, these symptoms can become chronic, negatively impacting your daily life for the foreseeable future.

Consequences of Untreated Dry Eyes

While discomfort is a serious enough reason to see an eye doctor near you, there are more serious consequences that could occur if you don’t treat your dry eyes. Dry eyes can cause tiny abrasions or ulcers on your cornea, which could lead to more vision problems. Dry eyes can also make some eye conditions worse, such as pink eye.

Treating Dry Eyes

Treating dry eyes can involve different types of treatments, including lifestyle changes and over-the-counter meds. In severe instances, medical procedures may also be required to combat dry eyes. A few common treatments for dry eyes include:

  • Using a humidifier
  • Avoiding environmental irritants
  • Regular screen breaks
  • Using artificial tears or eye drops

If you have tried the treatment options above and are still experiencing dry eyes, it might be time to make an appointment with an “optometrist near me.”

Get Eye Care from an Optometrist on Our Eye Doctor Team

Don’t underestimate the importance of treating dry eyes. If you need an optometrist or another eye doctor to help treat your dry eyes, contact us at Benefield Eye Care in Gulfport, MS, today. We know the importance of eye health and how it can greatly impact the overall quality of your life. Call us at (228) 328-0972 for eye care from an “optometrist near me.”

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